Upcoming Classes Fall 2019


In this class, we will work with an abundance of creative writing prompts. With a focus on wordplay, students will move through a series of fantastic catalysts at a semi-rapid pace creating laughter and a light-hearted atmosphere. Let curiosities inspire you and poignant vignettes help you get your words on paper. Using all five senses, we’ll go on a little scavenger hunt, plugging into your sense of lyric and rhythm. This class is great for both beginning and more practiced writers. 1 session: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 3-5:30 PM, Towler 307, Clastop Community College $20


Writers’ Workshop

It happens when you walk down the grocery aisle, when you look at family photos, or go on a long walk. You invent characters. You know their demeanor and occupation. You know how they fall in love and what they do when trapped in an elevator. It’s time to get the people in your head out of there and on the page. Poets, short story writers, novelists, memoirist, hybridists, and total newbies – all writers and writing-curious are welcome to this prompt and feedback-driven class. Each day, we will discuss an aspect of writing, read an example of excellence, write to a prompt, and share our work with each other. We’ll learn how to give and receive useful feedback. We’ll enjoy the struggle to express and be supported by each other in it. Laughter likely. Inspiration guaranteed. 4 sessions: Tuesdays, Oct. 8 -29, 3-5:30 PM, Towler 307, Clatsop Community College $45

To register by phone: 503-334-2411

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash