Making Whoopee: Writing Good Sex

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. But as writers, we, um, usually skip over that part.
Writing about physical intimacy is terrifying. That’s true for any writer, no matter how long they’ve been putting words together. Real sex can be sloppy, beautiful, embarrassing, ugly, tender, regretful, disastrous, vulnerable, affirming, joyous, or exhilarating. Possibly it is all those things at once. It has enormous potential for expression in literature.
In this two-hour class, we’re gonna go there. We’ll blush and giggle like fifth grade health class. But we’ll also ask good questions: How does a scene of intimacy support a story? Is it propelling the momentum? Is it revealing who the character is or wants to be? What makes a so-called “good” sex scene?
We’ll be discussing word choice quite a bit, so there will be adult language. You won’t have to read anything out loud that makes you uncomfortable, but make sure your ears are ready to hear some words that are usually not on the daytime menu.
Let’s do it!

Monday, Nov 11, 2019  *   3-5 PM   *   $15 – $30 PWYC * Astoria STUDIO Collective

(This past class is available to run again on request.)